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Based on our homepage, you may already be aware that LegalMatch maintains a long list of lawyers that are in good standing with their state bar associations. These attorneys are skilled in many diverse areas of law including personal injury, real estate, employment discrimination, criminal defense, divorce and more. What might not be so apparent is that a number of these lawyers are also practicing Christians.

LegalMatch knows that it is important that a client and their attorney share the same morals and beliefs. It is because of this that LegalMatch provides you the option of only being matched with local, experienced Christian lawyers. By doing so, you can be sure that when your case is argued, you will not have to worry about your legal representative making arguments that would go against your values.

Book cover for Can a Good Christian Be a Good Christian Lawyer? There are many legal organizations in the United States, some of which are devoted to the Christian faith. These collections of lawyers are most often seen in cases where the right to live or practice religion are at the forefront. As an example, the Alliance Defense Fund was recently involved in a case that questioned a Christian man's right to go door-to-door to give out Christian readings. There are other Christian organizations as well, such as the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), and the Christian Law Association. Although these associations can often assist you in cases involving the United States Constitution or abortions, they may not be the best place to look if your lawsuit involves a more common issue, such as those involving an automobile accident, a will drafting or a DUI charge. In these situations, you would be better served by finding a local, Christian lawyer, using LegalMatch.

All you have to do to get started is fill out the confidential intake form from our homepage and indicate that you only want to be matched with Christian lawyers. After that, LegalMatch will come in and match you to Christian lawyers in our database that have experience working with clients in situations like yours. The lawyers that are interested in your case will respond to you and tell you about their past experience, fees and general legal philosophy. You will then be allowed to view each attorney's profile as well as past client reviews and rates before making your final decision.

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The Christian lawyer profiles at LegalMatch provide you with a background of every lawyer's education, including whether or not the legal profession attended a Christian law school, like Regent University or Trinity Law. Christian law schools are well known for training their students to promote the morals and characters defined by the Christian faith.

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