What Do Christian Tax Attorneys Do?

Christian tax attorneys generally have the task of assisting individuals and groups in understanding their obligations to the state and to church organizations. When dealing with issues such as non-profit organization laws, charitable giving, tithes, and property taxes, you may be seeking specifically for a Christian tax attorney. Christian tax lawyers can also provide individualized tax law services for individuals who need help on personal income tax matters.

A Christian tax attorney will have experience in dealing with the issues that are specific to churches and members of the congregation. For example, tithing and taxing on tithes is one of the areas of law that is least understood by members of a congregation. Every year, churches, non-profit organizations, and individuals miss out on various tax benefits because they aren’t aware of the specific tax laws in their area.

Even pastors and ministers may not fully understand the interaction between charitable donations, ministry spending, and non-profit tax laws. Such oversights can be avoided with the guidance of a qualified Christian tax lawyer.

How Can I hire a Christian Tax Attorney?

Christian tax attorneys can provide valuable advice on such matters to help the individual and organization organize their budgets while adhering to state professional and ethical rules of conduct. If you’re a pastor, clergy person, or church accountant, you may be specifically seeking a Christian tax attorney for help with your personal and church taxes.

In the past, locating a Christian tax attorney could be challenging, since traditional routes like the phone book or ads didn’t usually provide the attorney’s background. However, newer services like those provided by LegalMatch make the search for a lawyer much easier.

Simply post your legal issues using our online case intake form, and indicate your preference for a Christian tax lawyer. You will be contacted shortly by attorneys in your area who can help you with your particular tax issue.

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