What is the Connection Between Divorce and Christian Tenets?

Divorce in the Christian community can be a very sensitive subject. While divorce is generally discouraged, it may become necessary under some circumstances, such as in extreme cases of abuse, instances of neglect, or marital unfaithfulness. These types of issues require special treatment and consideration of Christian family principles, especially if a child’s safety is involved.

If you are a Christian and are considering divorce, it may be in your best interests to work specifically with a Christian divorce lawyer during the process. That way, you can avoid any conflicts of interests between you and your attorney and can focus on more important matters such protection orders or child custody and support.

Can I Expect the Divorce Process to be Handled in a Confidential Manner?

Absolutely- lawyers are bound by what is called the attorney-client privilege, which means that they cannot disclose any of your private information that’s related to the divorce proceeding.

In a similar manner, pastors and clergy professionals also have a duty not to disclose the personal information of the members of their congregation.

In many divorce cases, the parties may have already received extensive counseling as a couple from their pastor or minister. As a valuable source of insight, the pastor may work closely with the attorneys of each party during divorce discussions. The input of the pastor or minister may help the attorneys conclude whether or not divorce is available, or even necessary for the parties to undergo. Working with a Christian lawyer will make this interaction run more smoothly.

How Can I Hire a Christian Divorce Lawyer?

Hiring a Christian divorce lawyer is easy and straightforward with LegalMatch. Simply visit our website, post your case using our online submission form, and indicate that you wish to work specifically with a Christian lawyer. You’ll be matched promptly with a Christian divorce lawyer in your area, at no cost to you.

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